I watch as you sleep
And wonder as you lie:

Do you dance in your dreams, my child,
Do you race across the rocks,
Do you climb the bare-back hills
As you chase the fire-fly?
Do you paddle in the shallows,
Do you climb the highest tree,
Do you jump for joy,
When you find a flutter-by?

Your purity is touching,
Your trust in me immense,
You drive me to distraction –
Teething and tantrums
Devoid of any sense.

I wish you peace, my child,
I wish you joy,
I wish you dreams of innocence
To run and jump and fly,
To swing on moonbeam shadows
And to swim among the stars.

Sweet dreams Ella; love you forever.

Copyright wordz2Go August 2015

Beth’s 16th Birthday

My darling girl, you’re in whirl,
You’re suddenly sixteen!
Sixteen at last and running fast
To meet the world abeam,
But don’t rush so, the world will slow
If you dictate the pace to grow.

It seems no time since you were small
And quite determined not to crawl,
Things have changed I’m glad to say
For there is simply no easy way
That I could put you on my hip
For your birthday shopping trip!

The pushchair stage was just as bad
And made me wish that you would walk
But then again when walk you did
I rued the day when I got rid
Of a way that held you fast
‘Til the temper tantrum passed!

I’m pleased to say those days have gone
And I survived your childhood prom,
In fact you brought me up so well
I’m fully qualified to repel
The full arsenal of teenage hell,
So, bring it on!

To add to my maternal woe
I’m rather hoping you won’t go
Mad on cigarettes and sex.
They might be legal from today
But moderation is the way,
Unless a price you want to pay.

With tongue in cheek, I shall repeat
A quote to which I testify
“Sex is best with regular supply”
So find your man and plight your troth
And don’t ignite my moral wrath!

So far in life you’ve had a mix
Had your share of peer critics
Seen frustration and elation
Met the pain of separation,
Calmly dealt with each new find
With youthful elasticity of mind

You’re thoughtful, philosophical.
Inquisitive and caring,
Passionate, irrational,
With teenage angst despairing
Of poverty, democracy and social inequality.

You’re right to care, who else would dare
To questions God’s diversity!

Your singing is incredible
Your voice has depth, maturity
Feeling and congruency.
It won’t take much for you to touch
The stage of notoriety.
My advice to you would be, ignore the negativity,
Allow your dreams to pull you on,
Without a dream, life’s just not fun.

Step into your future child,
All your fears are vilified
Be strong in mind and thought and deed
And know that God will meet your need.
As you grow you’ll learn to know
The inner peace and sanctity
Of owning your integrity,
An open mind will set you free.

I know that you will surely have
A truly happy sixteenth day
I wish you joy, it will be fine,
For I am yours and you are mine.

God bless, love Mam. X

18 November 2005