Walk of Life

They carried you high
Out of love and respect
That mirrored your love for them;
They walked you towards
The altar-rail
And placed you carefully down.
So many emotions
Swirling around
But the primary one was this:
How much we miss
Your face, your smile,
Your hand on our arm,
Your strength at our back
As its always been –
Seen and unseen.
We’ll carry you high
In our hearts and minds
As memories rewind
And thank the stars
That we were loved by you.

Copyright wordz2Go Dec 16
John 15:12 ‘My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.’

Saying Goodbye

Saying goodbye is hard. Young or old, family or friend,
it matters not. A funeral service, religious or secular, is important to us because it signifies a finality, a closure to a sad event. No-one looks forward a funeral, of course, but some sort of event is needed by those who are left. Death is not discussed openly in our society, it’s the one thing we don’t want to think about. When it happens, therefore, it is

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