The Easter Door


Awesome! Magnificent God-become-man!
Ultimate guardian
Of the doorway to heaven.
Choosing not to remain
Veiled in the mist,
Descending to earth
With an aim to die,
To be crucified.

Astounding! Incredible God!
Creator of seen and unseen,
Of all that is and has been,
All that will ever be.
You came to earth,
Died to set all free;
The veil torn in two
Because of You.

Breathtaking! Mind-blowing God!
You died yet live forevermore,
Proving death foreswore,
So all may enter the door.
In exchange for Your life,
For all to be free,
Through resurrection,
You gifted redemption.

Majestic! Over-whelming God!
You take our breath away
Recalling the day
You were heard to say
‘It is done’.
All scripture complete in You,
Heaven awaits:
You opened the door,
Only You we adore.

Copyright wordz2Go March 2017
John 10:9 “I am the door, if anyone enters through me, he shall be saved ..”

Easter Day 2016


Christ has died,
Christ has risen,

Death could not hold
The One who created life,
Life is His to control,
His alone –
Christ sustains His throne.
Resurrection Day
Is offered free,
All debts wiped out –
By His power alone
Christ has atoned.

Christ has risen, Alleluia!

Copyright wordz2Go Mar 2016

14@Lent: Easter Sunday

Christ has died,
Christ has risen,

Death is conquered,
Fear is gone,
Salvation proven –
For everyone.
The empty tomb,
Where our God lay,
The empty grave-clothes –
Cast away.

Resurrection mystery,
Life-giving theology:
Soteriological reality,
Believer’s testimony –

Christ has died,
Christ has risen,

Copyright wordz2Go April 2015

I was away over Easter hence late post, Lent series now complete!