Please Pray, Today


He’s 8 years old:
He shouldn’t have
Abnormalities on the brain,
It’s inhumane.
Children shouldn’t suffer
Like this.
Life is unnecessarily cruel
When youthful
Exuberance is squashed
Into submission,
Sedated for scans and tests
As the beast is assessed.

Over-tired, stressed parents,
Scared byond endurance,
Watching their boy regress
As doctors guess
At the nature of the beast
Attacking his brain,
Physically and emotionally,
Spacially and socially
Changing him
Before their eyes –
He is their precious boy
Not a research toy.

Join me to pray
For a treatable cause,
For a miraculous healing
Through our believing.
Pray our all-powerful God
Guides the analysts
And for rapidness
Of medical diagnosis.
Pray a boy is returned
Back to his family
Where he should be
With every capacity
Fully intact
To live a full life,
To grow and mature
And to feel secure.

Please – pray, today.

(c) wordz2Go Jan 2018

Thomas is my nephew’s son

Matthew 21:22King James Version (KJV)
‘And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.’



The cruellest death
Endured for me,
Love in action,
Shown unconditionally.

Spikes between bones,
Thorns on his head,
Stripped and whipped,
Deserted by friends.
Christ of the Heavens,
In a life-changing plan
To die for me.
Did he scream, did he shout?
Did he really not feel pain?
As the sword pierced his side
And the life-blood drained out.

Why did a man hung on a cross
Pay so dearly for me?
Suffocation for Salvation –
Why did a man hung on a cross
Die willingly for me?

Copyright wordz2Go March 2016
Revised version

Pearl 14 – Dare to Fly


Ideas are dangerous, so they say,
They don’t follow convention,
Don’t do as they’re told.
Ideas rail against oppression, racism and hate,
Give freedom of thought,
To the poorest who ought
Not to have such things,
According to conventional wisdom.

Ideas confuse reason,
Make you do things you hadn’t planned to do:
Like question the status quo,
Keep secrets that needn’t be kept
As rage and fury fight sense of duty.
Ideas stir the mind,
Frustrate body and soul.

Absorption into the human-herd
Precludes thinking:
Run with the pack,
No ideas above your station,
Allegedly society
Will fall into anarchy.
Don’t look out of place
Or the roof might collapse,
The government might fall
And everyone will drown because one looked down.

To die a good death, live a good life.
Ignore the political philosophy of the day,
Dare to dream, dare to fly ideas high
Above your town.
It’s better to drown
In the voice of thousands than live in silence.
Push for society
To celebrate diversity and individuality,
Be part of the cause not the cause that part
Continue to be subdued.

Copyright wordz2Go Mar 2016


Out shopping, I met a man,
Cross-legged on the floor,
Outside a clothes store,
He looked reasonably fed and generally well;
Possibly an angel,
A Christmas messenger.

Inside, I couldn’t concentrate,
His begging plate
Burned into my conscience
‘Till I couldn’t see
The new clothes in front of me.
I envisaged his dog on a cushion
And him on the cold floor –
Right there, outside the door.

He was destitute –
Playing Carols on a tin flute,
Begging for money.
Drawn to speak to him,
I offered a hot meal –
He asked for a sausage roll and a tea
Which humbled me.

He thanked me and told me
His luck had turned,
He was less concerned
Now he slept in a caravan.
His lowly accommodation
A salutary lesson,
A Christmas message
That less is more.

We wished each other ‘Merry Christmas’,
I carried on my way
Thinking of the food in my fridge,
The presents under the tree,
Waiting for me.
A Homeless Angel
Shook my complacency.

Copyright wordz2Go December 2015

Refugee Advent

Imagine an advent calendar
That lets you live
Another life.
Where would you go?
Who would you be?
Would you open the door
To live as a refugee?
Walking miles each day,
Forced to pay
With no certainty
Of crossing safely;
Forced to flee
From war or strife,
Forced to live a different life.
Fighting for food
In a cardboard-camp,
Misplaced xenophobia,
International amnesia –
As you wait, patiently,
For someone to notice your plight,
To say you have the right
To a good life.

Where would you go?
Who would you be?
Would you choose the life of a refugee?

Copyright words2Go December 2015

Advent Meditation

Advent candle burning low
Melts the days away
Expectation in the waiting
Excitement builds day by day
Celebration in creation
Christmas Day is on its way

Only three more days of waiting
Only three more days to go
Three more days of preparation
Three more days of candle glow

Advent story in the flame
Mary pregnant, still obeys
Taxation exiles far from home
Salvation plan is underway
Celebration in creation
On the first Christmas Day

Only two more days of waiting
Only two more days to go
Two more days of preparation
Two more days of candle glow

Advent candle burning low
Mary, Joseph on a journey
Resurrection travel plan
Protection by an angel army
Celebration in creation
Love for all on Christmas Day

Copyright wordz2Go 22 December 2014

Mindful Love

“Love The Lord thy God with all thy heart,
and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind”

Matthew 22:37

The soul is the sum of many parts;
Mind, body and heart.

Mindful love is the key to the soul,
To achieve the grace to love
With the kind of love that leads to forgiveness.
Such a love requires active engagement,
Love in action not passive consumption.
Mindful love is evident physically
For we become what we believe;
The mind controls the whole body
Which in turn bends to the will of the mind.
A servant heart supports mindful love –
It provides the will to want to love those who do not love you.
The will must be strong to succeed;
Mindful love, giving with the whole body, a servant heart.

If any one part is missing the soul is fractured,
Attention divided, God over-rided.

Copyright wordz2Go 29 July 2014