Welshcake massacre

Stolen off the stove,
Killed while birthing
When Mam’s not looking,
Fingers burning and
Tongue on fire –
The best way to eat,
But no mean feat
To dunk in sugar
And shovel inside
Quick, before you’re seen!
Delicious sweet treats
Eaten multiple ways
Perfect snack every day:
Do you drench in sugar
Or slather in butter,
Join two with jam,
Or eat with ham,
Have plain ones with coconut,
Eat with jam and cheese
Or go all out with clotted cream?
Nothing comes near
To this humble cake – 
The best ones are burnt,
Made with gluten free flour
And every one eaten within the hour!
Massacre the bastards
Before they breed,
And hide the evidence; agreed? 

(c) wordz2Go 28th  Feb 2022