Food Crisis

Thousands of acres
Planted and harvested by GPS,
Fields of perfectly straight lines,
Abundant food,
Yet more is less.

No footprints between, no human being,
No weather-lore, no winter store,
No human hand, no rested land:
Just perfect veg all year round.
Grown and flown from Africa,
Picked, wrapped and packed by machine.
Imperfect food abandoned:
Vegetable crisis in profit blindness.

This fucked up world –
How can millions drown
In a sea of perfect veg?

Copyright wordz2Go Dec 2015



Cabbage or cauliflower?
That’s the debate
For Sunday lunch
It’s not too late
To consider the issue
Of Veggie-Gate.

Roasties in duck fat,
My favourite kind,
Parsnips and carrots
And if you don’t mind –
Gluten free stuffing,
The best of all time.

The chicken’s roasting,
Lunch’s getting closer,
The question is vital:
Cabbage or cauliflower?
Lets go mad, Veggie-Gate’s over,
It’s peas instead!

Copyright wordz2Go July 2015

Turkey Time

Phyllis-Doris 3 is fattened and plumped
Specially picked for Christmas lunch
She’s had a good life down on the farm
Free range credentials are part of her charm.
A lovely fresh turkey for Christmas Dinner
A beautiful, buttery, bronze medal winner
‘Free the Twyford turkey’, I hear you say
Go stuff your own, she’s mine for Christmas Day!

Copyright wordz2Go 20 December 2013