Baked Alaska


Tonight’s curry was hotter
But I’m not sure why:
I use the same recipe
The same amount of chilli
Yet my eyes are watering,
My sinus’s cleared
My tongue is singed and
My tastebuds stripped
Of feeling!

The wood-stove is lit
And the heating’s on high,
My hot flushes are back,
I’m having an attack,
I’m heated from
From inside to out-
Maybe next week
I’ll search the books
And we’ll take a look at
Baked Alaska!

(c) wordz2Go Mar 2018

Food Crisis

Thousands of acres
Planted and harvested by GPS,
Fields of perfectly straight lines,
Abundant food,
Yet more is less.

No footprints between, no human being,
No weather-lore, no winter store,
No human hand, no rested land:
Just perfect veg all year round.
Grown and flown from Africa,
Picked, wrapped and packed by machine.
Imperfect food abandoned:
Vegetable crisis in profit blindness.

This fucked up world –
How can millions drown
In a sea of perfect veg?

Copyright wordz2Go Dec 2015


Cabbage or cauliflower?
That’s the debate
For Sunday lunch
It’s not too late
To consider the issue
Of Veggie-Gate.

Roasties in duck fat,
My favourite kind,
Parsnips and carrots
And if you don’t mind –
Gluten free stuffing,
The best of all time.

The chicken’s roasting,
Lunch’s getting closer,
The question is vital:
Cabbage or cauliflower?
Lets go mad, Veggie-Gate’s over,
It’s peas instead!

Copyright wordz2Go July 2015

Turkey Time

Phyllis-Doris 3 is fattened and plumped
Specially picked for Christmas lunch
She’s had a good life down on the farm
Free range credentials are part of her charm.
A lovely fresh turkey for Christmas Dinner
A beautiful, buttery, bronze medal winner
‘Free the Twyford turkey’, I hear you say
Go stuff your own, she’s mine for Christmas Day!

Copyright wordz2Go 20 December 2013