Unfinished Promises

My sister collapsed and died suddenly from sepsis two weeks ago.
I’ve struggled to make sense of this.
These are my thoughts:


Bad things happen,
Whether you’re bad or good,
Old or young,
Or even in between,
Though who decides
And over-rides these settings
Is a mystery;
For who is truly good when ALL
Fall short of the glory of God,
And who can be so bad
Forgiveness cannot solve?

Good or bad, life can hurt,
Yet I cannot conceive,
Refuse to believe,
In a God of ultimate goodness
Plotting disease and misery
As a character-building activity.
Yet – my sister was good,
So why didn’t our omnipotent,
Mountain-moving God intervene,
Make life like a glossy magazine,
Why didn’t he heal her?

In the shock of her death
What does faith offer?
The free-will argument invitingly
Offers a theological nicety
Of plausible platitudes,
A sticking plaster of hope
To help you cope.
Equally banal to me is the plan
No-one sees, or knows,
And we the boulders against the flow.

Scarred by life events,
Dismayed and afraid,
Can we allow God to be God,
Or is faith just a fraud?
Are we lost before we begin
Because we can’t allow God in?
He never promised an easy path,
And life is sometimes cruel,
Never promised to solve everything
Asking why, or why not, is futile.

Consider God intervening
In a world overflowing with pain.
Who should gain?
Heal one and leave another,
Heal my sister, ignore your brother?
The end of ALL suffering
Would be the end of ALL.
We only limit God’s benevolence
Through such intimate petition.
A short term perpective
Is far too short sighted.

But if God is with us
Where is He in this?

He is in our response,
Not the disease or event,
He is in our reaction, He is in our torment,
He walks beside, He carries us through,
He’s here in our family, our friends,
He’s here for me and for you.
He has promised there’s more to be
Than the life we see,
Pain and decay will fade away,
There’ll be healing and peace
And all pain will cease.

This promised life-to-be
Makes more sense to me
Than any man-made theory.
My sister left us too soon
It’s not fair, it’s not right,
But I can’t blame God
For she now stands in His sight.
In life we are vulnerable
In death lies is our greatest strength,
To fearlessly stand on eternal ground
Before our God and be crowned.

(c) wordz2Go Nov 2017
1 Corinthians 2:9
“No eye has seen, no ear has heard
What God has prepared
For those who love Him.”





You’d think it was easy
To act out a mime
But time after time,
I failed.
My acting was wooden,
I talked when I shouldn’t,
My acting was a crime!
A traditional game
Shouldn’t be this hard,
Playing charades
Should be fun,
But I was so bad
It has to be said
I was in way over my head!

Copyright wordz2Go December 2015


Tonight is Cludo night
We’ve been checking on the rules
Julia’s been swotting up
We think it will be cool.
It should be less confusing
Than Maponimoes last night,
That took some understanding
And led to a family fight.
I’m still not sure if we did it right!

Tonight is Cludo night
Miss Scarlett has to start
The other players follow her
But all must take their part.
Only one player can be in a room
And no-one can pass a player,
Except using secret passages,
Which might confuse the surveyor –
The straight line purveyor.

Tonight is Cludo night
You can move in any direction,
You can also be called to a room,
So you end up in a different section!
Will it be Colonel Mustard
In the Library with a Spanner?
Or perhaps Mrs White
In the Conservatory with a dagger?
A resolution needs a logical planner.

Tonight is Cludo night
There are many possibilities
Of players, rooms and weapons
To list them all would be boring
But family sanity may be threatened!
Being old and menopausal
With a challenging memory
I have come to the conclusion
It might not be the best game for me –
We’ll see!

Copyright wordz2Go 27 December 2013

Trivial Pursuits

On Christmas Eve we played a game
Of Trivial Pursuits.
The questions were original
And led to some dispute.
The oldest child wasn’t born till 1989
So questions from the 1980’s
Proved a little mis-aligned.
The youngest joined the family in 1994
So questions from the 1980’s
Were treated as a chore.
There was much they didn’t know
But they played heroically,
Some were easier than others
Like Science and History.
A family game seemed just the thing
To spend some holiday time,
Perhaps we should have picked
A game for all to shine.
We should try another game
Of Dominoes, or Monopoly
To give everyone a chance
To show their family qualities.
Christmas is a special time
Spending time together,
Building family memories
Life without pressure.

Copyright wordz2Go 26 December 2013
Bethany 24, Gethin 19.