You hung naked

And torn,

Whipped and scorned 

And in that moment –

Between heaven and earth,

Truly alone; 

More so than I can ever be –

“My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?”

You had to bear

The pain and agony

To offer us eternity;

Almighty God,

As Jesus Christ,

A man who died

In game-plan mode,

A God whose love just overflowed.

(c) wordz2Go 2nd April 2021

Wretched Death


Clouds gather,
Shadows fall,
As Christ of the heavens
Dies once and for all:

Flagellum whipped,
Divinity denied,
Stripped and bloody,
Immortal God of Deicide.
Wrists nailed to patibulum,
Hoisted high on the stipes,
A crude seat, the sedulum,
Knees bent, feet nailed at the front.
Lifting up to breathe,
Slumping down in pain,
Suffocating slowly,
Torture preordained.

Weak from blood loss,
Held tight by strong nails,
Jesus suffered and died,
Sin weighed in his scales.
He did this for me,
How does it make me feel?
I can’t understand it,
Can’t absorb his ordeal.
Clouds gather,
Shadows fall,
As Christ of the heavens
Opens heaven for all.

Copyright wordz2Go Good Friday April 2017

Out of Hours Service

The sun shines beautifully,
On Good Friday morn’.
A carefree, work-free day.
Time to spend in pleasure
Where we measure what we do,
Unconstrained by normal routines
With no artificial means to spoil our joy.
A pleasant day that cannot compare
To a violent death on a cross;
I’m at a loss to describe such love
That’s way beyond normal routine.
A love that’s seen as irrelevant
In an arrogant modern world.
‘Greater love hath no man
Than to lay down his life for another’.
How easily we dismiss this love.

Copyright wordz2Go 19 April 2014