Cerebral AdrenalLeukoDystrophy

Cerebral AdrenalLeukoDystrophy
Is a dreadful disease
So please, Lord, please,
Explain why it exists,
Why it strikes guiltless children
And why it chose our beautiful, bright boy,
Full of innocence, light and joy.
This is so hard to understand,
We cry out in despair
Because there is nowhere
To hide the fact that
No treatment can mitigate
The effects or the progress,
No treatment to reverse the process.

Disbelief. Denial. Shock.
Robbed of his future
By a genetic abuser,
His parent’s precious child,
Cursed by research failure.
How can this be?
How cruel is life’s reality.
Give them strength Lord,
It’s so incredibly unjust,
Help them face what they must.
We should be able to protect
Our little ones more than this.
As they see their boy fade away,
Help them cope day by day.

(c) wordz2Go Jan 2018

For Thomas, age 8

Psalm 18:6
“In my distress I cried to the Lord: I cried to my God for help.”


The man moves on

I have this image of a man:

A gentleman,
A truly gentle man.

Softly spoken, a smile playing on his face,
Displaying a trace of latent humour,
Twinkling eyes invite the viewer into conversation.

He leans, heavily, both hands in front,
His stick bearing the brunt of his weight
As he waits courteously for your reply.

An unassuming, old-fashioned gent’,
Softly spoken, of good intent, a family man,
A lifespan began in an kinder age.

He passed away earlier this morning,
A family in mourning; praise for his life,
Prayers for his wife and family.

The image fades, the man moves on:

His life is done yet just begun,
A promised place in heaven awaits.

Copyright wordz2Go 1 July 2014

In memory of Dennis Hack 1933-2014

Revised version 15th July 2014