Iv’e been tied up in my study
marking websites all day long
Why don’t my students listen
and follow feedback given
To gain the grade they long?

I just can’t understand them,
what are they playing at?
Do they think I wouldn’t notice
That their referral work is bogus?
I’m feeling rather flat.

The thing they just don’t get
is that their time is short,
They only have the year
To get themselves in gear –
The ship has left the port.

Please follow my instructions
if you want to pass,
Then I can have a weekend off
And start to be a bit less cross,
Find the wine and fill my glass.

Copyright wordz2Go 12 January 2014

The Gamester

Wayne he is a gaming fan, a very clever man
He’s working hard to build his personal pension plan.
Communication is his very own Achilles heel;
The cry goes out, ‘Where’ Wayne’ we ask, that man is so unreal!
He’s hiding in the lab again
He does from time to time
He’ll be playing with his games engine
And sipping soda lime.
He’s not a man of many words, prefers HTML,
He’s even moved his office desk to avoid the doorbell,
He’d rather zone out and get on with his game.
The cry goes, out, ‘Where’s Wayne’ we ask; but, all the same,
We wouldn’t change him for the world, we’d rather look and lose,
‘Tis better to have loved and lost, and to be bemused
A game of hide and seek enlivens up our day
We really wouldn’t have it another way!

Copyright wordz2Go 25 November 2013

Young Timothy

‘Young Timothy’ I call him,
He’s the oldest one of us
A wise and loving father figure, he never makes a fuss
He always has the answer to whatever we don’t know
He is getting older but those grey hairs just don’t show!
There’s nothing Young Timothy cannot sort out –
From Excel to ECDL; just give him a shout!
He even showed me yesterday where I was going wrong –
How to mail a photo from my iPhone to Hong Kong.
He’s a real old fashioned gentleman, very well brought up
You’ll never hear him swear or shout or make a real muck up.
A milder mannered man you surely will not meet
Young Timothy is a pleasure and my secret little treat
As he always says a cheery ‘Good morning, Angie’
It makes my day that he shows his care for me.

Copyright wordz2Go 21 November 2013

The Healthy One

Adie is a friend of mine; he’s really nice and sweet,
He’s slightly bald, not too tall, with the body of an ex-athlete.
From this description you can see he’s really quite unique.
He always has a cheery smile and never gets the blues
If I am down he’ll lift my mood and pull me right around.
He loves to watch the footie, he’s a dedicated fan,
Every Saturday at King Power singing with the gang.
Adie eats only organic, healthy food
Offer him a bag of chips, he’ll think you’re being rude!
Nothing calorific has ever passed his lips
He’ll only eat fruit and salad with his fingertips.
He’s a very helpful colleague, good to have around
You need someone to keep your feet upon the ground.
A fine, upstanding specimen, a techno-gizmo geek
He brings a ray of sunshine to my working week!

Copyright wordz2Go 21 November 2013