You’d think it was easy
To act out a mime
But time after time,
I failed.
My acting was wooden,
I talked when I shouldn’t,
My acting was a crime!
A traditional game
Shouldn’t be this hard,
Playing charades
Should be fun,
But I was so bad
It has to be said
I was in way over my head!

Copyright wordz2Go December 2015

Three Score and Ten

Life is a dot in the vastness of space,
An iota in time, a line in a rhyme,
Lost opportunity a criminal waste.
No time to spare, gone in a flash,
Three score and ten for the human race.
Life is for living so live to the max,
Don’t stand still, take your fill,
No time to sit back and relax.
Make the most, or make a loss,
Three score and ten, that’s the pact.
Living life well refines the soul,
Burns impurities, embeds security,
Learn to prioritise and get into role.
Life is a dot in the vastness of space,
Three score and ten, you’re not in control.

Copyright wordz2Go 29 July 2014