A Birthday Ode

You’ve come so far my lovely girl,
You’ve come so very far.
From timid tiny tot
Who wouldn’t leave my knee
To completing your degree.

I’m proud of you, I’m sure you know
And stand in awe of your thought-overflow:
I love your mind that bombs around
From the serious to the inane –
Like point-to-point inside your brain.
I can’t keep up as you progress
From one thing to the next,
From politics to philosophy,
From asparagus to broccoli,
Why Toberlone is shaped the way it is.
Who else could store eclectic facts
And trot them out to fill the gaps
In an otherwise boring day.

I couldn’t have a greater challenge
In my menopausal years
As my memory is fading
And my brain power is degrading,
To be tested every day
In your thought provoking way
Ensures I don’t go to rack and ruin.

Enjoy your birthday darling girl
Don’t lose your sense of fun,
You’re twenty five years old today
And I’m only twenty one!

Copyright wordz2Go 24th October 2014 

(Beth, 25 on 19/11/2014)