Failure to Compute

Watching TV with my mother
Is like watching with no other:

Her brain doesn’t always compute
Leading to loud family disputes –
And then everyone’s SHOUTING
……. all at the same time!

It’s usually over names, celebrities on quiz games.
The aim of the game becomes tangential,
Guessing the name has more potential.
Julia Roberts is in Mrs Browns Boys,
Austin Healy’s still in Strictly,
Will.I.Am is ‘that silly man’,
And Tom Daley’s in Splash Dance.
Actors and actresses are dead and buried,
And if you’re worried,
It was ‘shortness of breath’ as cause of death.
We’ll argue about who’s still alive,
Who’s batting for the other side;
Who’s married whom is a good one
To extend this traditional TV fun.
By this time the show is ended
But my mother is contented
As she triumphantly remembers the name
Of the celebrity in the game!

Copyright wordz2Go 22 February 2014