I’m learning the tenor recorder
I love the mellow sound;
but my practise is now ended,
in fact it’s run aground.
I’ve learned a number of notes so far,
just the easiest ones;
my problem is finding pieces to play
I thought there’d be loads but there’s none.
I can fumble my way through Finlandia,
though the ending’s not quite right,
but the traditional Frere Jacque
sounds worse than Three Blind Mice!
I won’t give up, I’ll keep trying,
because I’m quite stubborn you see.
My fingers are stubby and short,
and my hands can’t reach bottom C.
D and E are no problem
Top notes are a breeze,
C# and F# I can manage,
but bottom C is causing unease.
It gave my colleagues a laugh though
when I announced to one and all,
that I couldn’t get it in my mouth
and cover all the holes!

Copyright wordz2Go 19 January 2014