Voodoo Pain


Her pain is unimaginable,
Agony indescribable,
Day in, day out,
Fire that can’t be put out.
No magic cure or pill
Can still the nerves,
Relieve the emotional drain
Or ease her evil pain.
Her lower spine is riddled
With osteoporosis and arthritis
Creating multiple mini-crisis
Throughout her day.
Science has not offered
Any analgesic of strategic use
To make daily life easier.
She has tried in vain
To manage the pain from
Humble paracetamol to codeine,
Anti-inflammatories to amitriptyline.
Unbearable sciatic spasm
Brought the viaticum of diazepam
Whose hallucinations scared her,
Scarring her psyche;
She swore to endure and not succumb
To such brain-numbing drugs.
The latest prescription for
Nerve blocking injection
And slow release opiate patches
Are cautiously welcomed,
A satisfactory outcome anticipated.
Faith in her doctor, continues,
Faith in her God, continues,
The reality of pain, continues.
Every movement warped,
Like a voodoo doll
Dancing in the hands of fate.
My darling, Mother,
If I could smother the fire,
I would.

Copyright wordz2Go May 2016
“Come unto me all ye who travail, and I will give you rest”

Secrecy and Treachery

Secrecy and treachery
Is in her life again
Love without sincerity
Is love full of pain
But she knows no other way,
No other love has she –
Just the two old friends
Secrecy and treachery
Returned to pick again
At the festering wounds
of broken bonds,
The pus of life’s relationships
Oozing out of shuttered lips.
She dare not ask the question why
He won’t be home tonight,
She’s clothed again in secrecy
The treachery’s in his feet
As he lies about his whereabouts
And leaves her in defeat.

Copyright wordz2Go Jan 2015