Pearl 30 – 12th April 1986

I’m very proud to say,
We were married
Exactly 30 years ago today.

Memories merge of our journey
And yet I can clearly
Recall our wedding day.
We were 25 and 26
As we stood in Pont chapel
And vowed as a couple
To love and honour
Until death do us part.
Vows we meant
And vows we’ve kept
Through hopes and fears,
Through happiness and tears,
By the grace of God
We’ve sailed through 30 years.
Pray God our pearls will turn to rubies and gold,
That we will grow old
To enjoy the twilight, together.

Copyright wordz2Go Apr 2016

Pearl 29 – Challenge


I’m no poet and I know it
But I set a challenge
And I’ve tried to complete it
To the best that I could –
Not all have been good,
Most needed more time
And didn’t quite follow the line that I wanted!
The discipline required
Has been positive for me,
I’ve certainly watched less TV
But I’m also pleased
To be released from a set theme
However noble the cause,
I like a little variety,
So look out for me
Now my Pearl Anniversary series
Is completed!

Copyright wordsz2Go Apr 2016

Pearl 28 – Parenting


I think we’ve done OK,
As parents I mean
The kids are grown and seem
To be quite normal!
Despite a lack of skills at the start,
We took them to heart
And did our best,
And the rest,
As they say, is history.
If we’d had one more
We might have known better,
Would have followed the letter
More closely,
But it’s unlikely to happen
Without immaculate conception!
So stop and give thanks
For the small mistakes
That allowed us to learn
To face issues in turn,
To raise our children
Into the delightful young adults
They’ve become.

Copyright word2Go Apr 2016

Pearl 27 – Love Mangle


Love is funny –
It picks you up and spits you out
From its malfunctioning-mangle
With enormous rollers
That squeeze you tight,
Wringing you right out,
So you’re thinner and longer than you were ever meant to be,
Rolling and squeezing till I’m you and you’re me.
You’re the same but different,
Differently unique in every way
Yet joined together,
If the mangle gets it right
And the rollers roll tight.

Copyright wordz2Go Apr 2016

Pearl 26 – Compromise


In the time we’ve been together
We’ve neither felt the need
To find solace elsewhere
Or to seek arbitration.
The hardest work in marriage
Is learning to compromise
And it doesn’t come easy,
It requires real concentration.
Sometimes doors have slammed,
Angry words exchanged
And arrangements rearranged
Because we’ve not thought sufficiently
Of one another’s position
Or we’ve failed to see things
From a different point of view:
Of you from me or me from you –
Compromise is key
To the happiness of both you and me.

We’ve learned to consider one another,
To remain as lovers
Not just man and wife.
We’ve made time to make it work
Allowing space for life
Whilst maintaining
That together we are stronger.
Let’s not squander
This God-given opportunity
For marital happiness,
Let’s use compromise to temporise
And face the future
With confidence.

Here’s to the next thirty years!

Copyright words2Go Apr 2016

Pearl 25 – Venice


Venice is plunging into long, dark, alleys where the sun is forbidden,
Then bursting
Into a bustling campo where darkness is hidden.
Masses of tourists everywhere –
Some strolling gently, others more purposefully,
Children playing on bikes and scooters
Calling to Mamas hanging out of windows,
Tour groups blocking streets en-masse,
Shops selling hand-made masks and Murano glass.
Multiple cafes with enticing, gorgeous smells,
St Mark’s square, the campanile, the sound of the bells.
Elderly residents bent over to evade the still-chill spring weather.
The beauty of Venice is not in this crush of humanity,
So you slip off down yet another alley
To encounter a pathetic old woman
Begging for a few coins –
Right next to designer-shops for designer-lives
And you wonder how the two can be reconciled.
Feet aching,
You plod on from one bridge to another,
Dipping in and out of the famous square,
Admiring the skills of the gondoliers
Manoeuvring around narrow canals, pushing lazily off walls and poles.

Copyright wordz2Go Apr 2016

Pearl 24 – Small Spaces


How does a relationship survive
Years of close living,
The minutiae of daily giving,
The no-holds-barred corral of small spaces
Where every act is scrutinised
And criticised?
When did we grow tolerant of
Invading each other’s space,
Being up close in each other’s face,
Of rolling to the wrong side of the bed?

We’ve created an alternative reality
Where we no longer see
Details that could irritate –
They fade away
And love lives another day.
Individually we remain the same,
We retain the same name
But we have emerged as a unified being,
Far more forgiving,
Able to share small spaces with confidence
And congruence.

Copyright wordz2Go Apr 2016

Pearl 23 – Walking in the Rain


We walked miles in the rain
Walking your dog
When we were courting;
Trudging around the streets
Up and down the steep hills
Round and round an invisible course
Just to be alone.
We had Barbours to stay dry
And love to keep warm.
Pounding the pavements
Night after night
Closing with a chaste kiss
At the door.

Copyright wordz2Go Mar 2016

Pearl 20 – Anniversary Treat


Venice is a great destination
For a Pearl Anniversary,
Don’t you agree?
The hotel’s booked,
The transfers too
And the airport lounge for me and you.
The scene is set –
So let’s enjoy the gondola,
Drink coffee in Saint Mark’s square
And reflect on married life,
On love and strife
So far.
Venice, here we come,
Bring it on!

I’m Copyright wordz2Go Mar 2016