Pearl 22 – Because of You

Life lived in isolation
Must be a dreary,
Soul-bleaching existence
Where every day is misty grey.
No-one to go to bed with
Or to talk with at night
When sleep evades
And memory-grenades
Flash-light the room
Eliminating all possibility of sleep.

Love is the sunshine
Needed to disperse
The sleeplessness-curse,
That strikes from time to time.
Love shows in small acts:
A stroke of the face,
A warm embrace
To emphasise anew
That you are not one but two.
Love dispels the mist,
Revealing the new day
In all its joyous beauty,
Ready to be faced –
Because of you.

Copyright wordz2Go Mar 2016

Pearl 19 – A Singularity

Mountain Reveal In Milford Sound 2

We are as celestial flotsam,
Ethereal in the aeons of time,
Suspended in the universal mist
Sweeping slowly over the mountains and valleys
Comprising a lifetime.
Collectively, we are capable of great love,
Individually, we love greatness.
Periodically, the mist lifts
And we see clearly
But mostly we drift along
Hoping to find compatibility,
A singularity of love,
Or, if we’re extraordinarily lucky,
A lifelong commitment.
We were lucky –
God was gracious in lighting our path,
In ordaining an enjoined destination,
In raising us above the mist
To the mountain tops.

Copyright wordz2Go Mar 2016

Pearl 18 – Wedding Day 12/04/86

Gold wedding rings

It’s a certainty –
We were meant to be.

So young when we met,
Ten years from meeting to wedding,
To the melding of two families
In Pontllanfraith chapel,
Where I had worshiped all my life.
Such a wonderful day
With all our far flung family
Gathered together to celebrate
Our new state of being.

I can see them now,
The ones who are no more,
Who’ve passed through heaven’s door –
And I’m so glad they were there.
Your Mam and Dad, my Grancher,
The lovely Julian, Uncle Jack, Aunty Aud,
Aunty Dulcie, Ceri Jones, Howard G,
Cousin Ian home from Australia just for me,
Moira and Tade, Sally and Lewis
And many more besides.
Almost every guest was family
Which is as it should be.
Some grew old and some did not
But all were loved,
Every one had their place in our story,
Their part in our glory that day.

Life is too short for regrets,
I’m so pleased you’ve been at my side,
That our families were alongside.
I have been loved by many
But none more special than you,
I love you too, still do. X

Copyright wordz2Go

Pearl 17 – Control Freak


My husband says I’m a control freak,
Damn cheek!
I’m the most laid back person I know:
Anything for an easy life,
That’s the me I see.

He’s the perfectionist
Whereas I couldn’t be furthest
From excess of effort.
Who repacks the dishwasher
Like a manic-bipolar
‘Cos no-one does it right?
Who complains I drive too fast,
Just because I outclass
Every other driver in sight?
Who tries to insist on silence
While watching TV?
Certainly not the kids or me.
Who’s never got into a car
Driven by his offspring,
‘Cos he’s chicken
When he’s not in control?

And he has the cheek
To say I’m the control freak!

Copyright wordz2Go Mar 2016

Pearl 16 – Cartref


All our married life
We’ve lived outside Wales
Thirty years away
Now opportunity avails –
To go home.

I need to go back,
The pull is too strong,
I have to go back
Before too long.
Thirty years in exile
Is long enough for me,
Racing around motorways
Just to see family.

Hiraeth beats a tune
I can ignore no more,
Take me home my love –
I’m Welsh to the core.
We can walk again,
Over Mynyddislwyn:
Let’s join
Together in Wales,
For the rest of our lives.

Copyright wordz2Go

Pearl 15 – Mini Love


When we were young and carefree,
Driving my orange mini to and from university,
I happily let you drive too –
Never thinking that you
Would abuse my trust
And destroy my beloved car.

DFK707L was the registration –
A strange way to show affection,
To take my car to view a train
And never bring it back again.
A steam train you said,
Sure I said, take the car.
Never thinking you’d tear my mini apart,
If only I’d known you’d break my heart!

When you burst in the door,
Said my car was no more,
It made me so sad
As my Dad had worked hard
To make it roadworthy
For this Yorkshire journey.

The car was old so I kept a tow rope
And jumper leads in the boot,
Many’s the time we did a jump-start
But now I hadn’t the heart.
So your Dad towed me back
With a nice bit of slack
‘Till we met the hump-back bridge
When a small acceleration
Inflamed the situation
By ripping my mini in two!
I could have killed you.
Two men with their beer
Almost fell in the river and
All the people outside the pub cheered!

My poor baby was dead,
I couldn’t see ahead.
Couldn’t think how we’d get home.
The front bumper was gone,
The bonnet askew,
The lights had spewed from the frame,
The side seams were split,
It wasn’t going to be fit,
It looked pretty much end-game.

The local mechanic
Looked and laughed
But when he turned the key,
Despite my grief
And in disbelief
I watched as she started!
A few bits of wire
And some gaffer tape
Made her safe to drive –
As long as I drove in day light
Everything was alright.
We’d get home again
I was so glad,
But then I’d have to face Dad!

Did I forgive you?
Of course I did.
My mini was a tad mercurial
And her injuries weren’t incurable:
I feel I should stress my role in this mess,
It was me me behind the wheel
When she nearly broke in two,
So you’re safe, I still love you.

Copyright wordz2Go Mar 2016

Pearl 13 – One Mind, One Heart



You and I are joined
On multiple levels
Emotionally redolent with infinite layers of complexity,
Interwoven over time
As the rich tapestry of life
Has given opportunities to learn that
Strength lies in acknowledging weaknesses,
Accepting differences,
Negotiating peace.
We have steered skilfully
Around boulders in troubled waters,
Jumped ravines of indifference
And walked through the valley of the shadow of death.
It is totally inconceivable that such a bond
Could be broken.
Separate people at the start,
Now: one mind, one heart.

Copyright word2Go Feb 2016

Pearl 12 – Rollercoaster


Love throws us upside down
As we race through blind bends
And crawl barefoot up stony mountains
In our quest
To tame the beast.
It’s as if the rails were greased
For Love has a mind of its own,
And would never agree
To an easy ride through life;
The path we take
We often make a little harder
Through self-centred ego-centric
Thoughts and acts,
Deeds that pack a punch.
Such actions reposition us to ride a loop
Again and again in an effort to improve.
The roller coaster drops us faster and faster
The longer we ride it
And if we acquiesce, Love changes us,
Blurs the scenery around us
So that we focus on each other’s needs
To feed the very human desire for harmony
That lies within our soul.

Copyright wordz2Go Feb 2016

Pearl 11 – White Heat

We’ve grown together,
Tolerated each other’s foibles,
Given ground
But stuck around.
Marriage is the coming together
Of two people to become one
And that was never going to be easy.
Marriage is constantly learning –
Two egos combining
Into one entity
Forged over time
In the white heat of life.

Copyright wordz2Go Feb 2016

Pearl 10 – Chilli Oil


Remember the time
You nailed through a pipe
While practising DIY?
I laughed so much
As you got soaked
I could barely stand upright!

But funniest by far,
And it has to be told,
Was the night
You quietly stole,
Downstairs –
And for some unknown reason
Used chilli oil
For ear-ache pain
Then crept upstairs again.

Snuggling down to sleep –

You leapt out of bed in agony,
Your ear was on fire,
The situation was dire
But I was totally helpless,
Completely senseless with laughter
Because I’d guessed
What you you’d done
And I was stunned!
Why would any sane person
Use chilli oil
For earache?
I’ve heard of bacon for warts
And peeing on jellyfish stings
But I’ve never heard anything
About pouring chilli oil into your ear-drum,
You numbskull.

It still makes me smile
To recall the pain you went through
And how I was no use to you.
Wives beware,
When a man’s in pain
It’s best to explain
Not roll around on the floor.

Copyright word2Go Feb 2016