Potting of Souls


Give thanks to the Lord for He is good,
His love endures forever.
Reach for the Lord with a willing heart,
His love creates an anchor –
Grace free for me and you,
Embedded in eternal rock,
Love that gives and will never, never stop

Blessings rain down seeding inner calm,
Peace that lasts for ever.
Deserts turned into fruitful land,
Harvests without measure –
Vineyards ripe for reaping,
Growing in fields of gold,
Ripe for the picking and potting of souls

Give thanks to the Lord for unfailing love,
Grace from our confessor.
Praises raise to Redeemer King,
A crown our heavenly treasure –
Given by the King of kings,
Sitting on the throne of power,
And there we’ll live for ever and ever!

Copyright wordz2Go May 2017
Psalm 136

Go With The Flow

What will I be when I grow up?
I really don’t have a clue;
I’m keeping an open mind, are you?
I don’t know where my life may lead,
What I might be asked to do.
Don’t like making firm plans
Or being tied down,
Don’t like going round and round,
Like a dog chasing its tail,
To no avail.
Just decide, woman, decide!
I like to let life unfold
Opportunities to me,
Be free to fail if need be.
Free choice brings it’s own rewards,
Life’s explored exhaustively.
Change is good, change is positive,
Go with the flow, get off the shelf,
Life is short, you owe yourself.

Copyright wordz2Go 14 March 2014