John Paul II

I am not Catholic but John Paul II touched me somehow as he did many others.
I wrote this to express my feelings shortly after he died.

A mountain of a man in a sea of humanity,
Restraining a tidal wave of post-modernity,
Giving us a sense of right and wrong.
Standing firm in a world of low morality,
Giving continuity to Biblical authority;
One man singing one song.
Strictly conservative, astoundingly progressive,
A dichotomy of faith to unfold.
Traditional theology with Internet technology,
A catholic embrace of new and old.
One man singing one song.
Clear theocracy for new-age spirituality;
A challenge thrown out to one and all.
Home-grown homily in a limited democracy,
A simple message to unfold –
Love one another and do as you’re told.
One man singing one song.
He showed his love and care for others,
Breaking barriers to faith,
Reinforced the Great Commandment,
Reminded of the coming judgement,
Preached a simple message with a child-like essence.
One man singing one song.
Christian theology over political ideology,
He fought to overcome entrenched regimes.
Like a candle in the dark he made his mark
On the hearts of the people at the time.
Worldwide popularity, promoted similarities.
One man singing one song.
Uniformity of belief, an uncompromising chief,
Love was the key to his reign.
Papal authority providing the clarity,
Promoting equality, a revolution begun,
Speaking to others in their mother tongue.
One man singing one song.
John Paul II, we loved you.
A genuinely good man, a rare commodity,
Mourners flocked like a tidal tsunami,
Couldn’t believe that you were gone.
John Paul II, we loved you.
Now who do we call on?
One man singing one song.

Copyright words2Go 5 April 2005