Out shopping, I met a man,
Cross-legged on the floor,
Outside a clothes store,
He looked reasonably fed and generally well;
Possibly an angel,
A Christmas messenger.

Inside, I couldn’t concentrate,
His begging plate
Burned into my conscience
‘Till I couldn’t see
The new clothes in front of me.
I envisaged his dog on a cushion
And him on the cold floor –
Right there, outside the door.

He was destitute –
Playing Carols on a tin flute,
Begging for money.
Drawn to speak to him,
I offered a hot meal –
He asked for a sausage roll and a tea
Which humbled me.

He thanked me and told me
His luck had turned,
He was less concerned
Now he slept in a caravan.
His lowly accommodation
A salutary lesson,
A Christmas message
That less is more.

We wished each other ‘Merry Christmas’,
I carried on my way
Thinking of the food in my fridge,
The presents under the tree,
Waiting for me.
A Homeless Angel
Shook my complacency.

Copyright wordz2Go December 2015

A Christmas Promise

It keeps me sane
To know that I will see them again –
Those I’ve loved and lost along life’s way;
They gave me so much,
I yearn for their voice,
Their touch in my day.
I miss their laughter, their love,
But above all,
I know they’re safe –
Waiting somewhere on an unseen plane
Until we meet again.
I’ve stored beautiful memories
I can see anytime,
These are always mine.
I can conjure their smiles
And familiar words pop into my mind
That remind me they lived;
With no thought at all I can recall.
I live in the present and I love my life
But the life that I have is not all that I am,
I am the sum of all that is past,
The here and now and then at last
The future of what will be.
So when I lie down at night
To recite my prayers
I know they’re safe,
Waiting somewhere on an unseen plane
Until we meet again.

Copyright wordz2Go 21December 2014