Silence is Streetwise

Can you talk to someone tonight,
Is life all right for you?

Are the kids running around,
Are there toys on the ground,
Is the TV blaring loud?
Are the dishes in the sink,
Are you settled with a drink
And connected to the cloud?

Don’t rail against the chaos
Feel fortunate instead:

Some have no choice tonight
And will spend it all alone,
Some haven’t had a family life,
Or enjoyed the joyful sound
Of the kids running around.
Some will sit in silence
Until it’s time for bed,
Till the darkness eats the loneliness
So they merge into the scene,
And the background is made clean enough
For you to walk on by.

Silence is streetwise
Doesn’t like to raise its head.

Copyright wordz2Go 6 January 2015

Communication Gonorrhoea

Think about your neighbour
Who lives along the street.
Can you call him by his name
Or should you be ashamed
That you have no idea.
Communication gonorrhoea:
A 21st century plague on humanity,
A new-age profanity, a silent sin.
In the tube or on the bus,
It’s them and us; we demur
From public speaking,
Conceding defeat, not trying –
Shielding personality behind impassivity.
People today are ungenerous,
Jealous of privacy we build walls,
When we should just smile and speak,
Turn the other cheek.

Inspired by Marilyn Monroe – “Only parts of us will ever
touch only parts of others …”

Copyright wordz2Go 31 March 2014