A Stranger-Angel Tale.

I met a crying man today
And all I did was walk away.
I could’ve helped him had I thought
For I’ve been taught that kindness
Costs nothing more.
But I closed the door and carried on.
Have you ever bought a beggar a meal,
Helped a stranger change a wheel?
Caught a ball from a random child,
Smiled at a teenage tale?
Helped someone across the road,
Allowed a dream to unfold?
Life should be shared with others;
We smother ourselves in loneliness
When happiness is within our grasp
If we accept loving others is not a lapse
But the way we were meant to be.
I see a man ahead of me;
I’ll ask him how he is today,
Perhaps we can walk a little way
Along life’s path together.

Copyright wordz2Go 30 March 2014