Beth Shalom

img_0599Crucially it tells the story
All should know but still must be told,
Of those who grew not old,
Who fled from fear and intolerance,
Or died horrendous living deaths
When life was cheap,
When no one dared weep.
Cry now as you see photos
And hear personal testimonies
Of truly horrendous stories,
But it won’t do any good –
Only the history exists,
The people are gone
In a hate-filled Armageddon.

Hope spreads from the telling
Of the threat of extremism,
The arrogance of racism,
Hope spreads far and wide
When truth is revealed
Of a time man destroyed man
In a man-made plan.
Danger emerges
In the quest for perfection
Perfected in destruction,
In wholesale death.
Far better to believe
That all are born equal,
Love thy neighbour,
Set not brother against brother.

Copyright wordz2Go Feb 2017
Matthew 22:39
‘Thous shalt love thy neighbour as thyself’.

Inspired by a visit to Beth Shalom:
A Nottinghamshire village
Hosting a Shoah memorial.

Religious Bigotry

I am reposting this to show empathy with the awful events in Paris this week.  I have to believe that love will overcome hate and tolerance will prevail.  We can’t all think the same, we won’t all believe the same but we all have to find a way to exist together harmoniously.


Robots are servile,

Impartial, uncreated beings –
Speaking and moving by algorithm,
Pre-prescribed mannerisms not bound by consequences.
Technology enables such humanoid forms
That conform as expected,
Subjugated by commands –
Incapable of feeling or giving love.
Unchallenged religionist-robots
Boycott God-given intelligence,
Display arrogance in managed belief.
Closed minds, unrelieved dogma,
Bigotry in rigidity.
True faith is humbleness, openness and love,
Acceptance of the God of unbelievers
Not a robotic set of rules.

Static religion, unbending, criticism unending, for ever and ever, amen.

Copyright wordz2Go 24 September 2014