I call him my Duracell bunny,
You might find this funny,
But he just can’t stop.
Cruising from one job to the next,
I never quite know where he is:

Painting a bench,
Hanging a picture,
Mowing the grass,
Planting or pruning,
Tidying his garage,
Fixing the mower,
Buying paint,
Taking out the bins,
Checking the roof-tiles,
Clearing the storm drains,
Power-washing the patio,
Rearranging something somewhere,
Fiddling, potching, being ‘man-busy’.

Married nearly thirty years
And the battery’s still going strong,
‘Nothing wrong with that’, you say,
But sometimes its good to sit
And let the world go by.
I live in hope he’ll slow down one day –
But I’m not sure I could cope any other way!

Copyright wordz2Go May 2015

Out of Hours Service

The sun shines beautifully,
On Good Friday morn’.
A carefree, work-free day.
Time to spend in pleasure
Where we measure what we do,
Unconstrained by normal routines
With no artificial means to spoil our joy.
A pleasant day that cannot compare
To a violent death on a cross;
I’m at a loss to describe such love
That’s way beyond normal routine.
A love that’s seen as irrelevant
In an arrogant modern world.
‘Greater love hath no man
Than to lay down his life for another’.
How easily we dismiss this love.

Copyright wordz2Go 19 April 2014