Pearl Aniversary I

I’m Welsh
So I’m naturally
Everything’s possible,
Nothing’s impossible for me.
You see,
Being Welsh
I’m not afraid
If I stray
Beyond the realms of civility,
Elbow my way
Into your personal space,
Stare right in your face,
Ask the questions
No-one else dare –
Because I care.

Life is not a dress rehearsal,
No time to act careful,
I won’t pussy-foot around,
I won’t watch you drown
In self-inflicted misery,
Trust me,
It’s genetic you see.
I’m Welsh,
I don’t give up easily,
After thirty years
You’re stuck with me!

Copyright wordz2Go January 2016

Cup Fever


World Cup Rugby
Has infected our house,
More technical knowledge
Learned from my spouse.
I’ve watched and watched
And what I’ve learned
Are Refs are blind or paranoid
And TMO’s are worse,
Collapsing scrum’s a penalty
Opportunity for us;
The opposition’s forward pass
Is rarely seen by referees
And even when we’re on our knees
Nothing falls right for us!

We push and push towards a try
But ‘white line fever’ strikes again
Instead of playing wide and loose
He’s stuck his head into a noose
As he holds on to the ball.
What are they doing now?
‘Tap and go’ FFS,
Keep the ball in play
Don’t give them chance
For advantage o’r us today.

A penalty kick is good enough
In absence of a try
To keep us in the game,
And even up the play;
Drop goals are like hen’s teeth
Bequeathing a hero’s laurel wreath.

My education will continue
Throughout the years ahead
Until I become as expert
As the man who shares my bed.
I’m sure to enjoy it very much
Be assured I’ll do my best;
I won’t risk being kicked into touch!

Copyright wordz2Go Oct 2015