The Healthy One

Adie is a friend of mine; he’s really nice and sweet,
He’s slightly bald, not too tall, with the body of an ex-athlete.
From this description you can see he’s really quite unique.
He always has a cheery smile and never gets the blues
If I am down he’ll lift my mood and pull me right around.
He loves to watch the footie, he’s a dedicated fan,
Every Saturday at King Power singing with the gang.
Adie eats only organic, healthy food
Offer him a bag of chips, he’ll think you’re being rude!
Nothing calorific has ever passed his lips
He’ll only eat fruit and salad with his fingertips.
He’s a very helpful colleague, good to have around
You need someone to keep your feet upon the ground.
A fine, upstanding specimen, a techno-gizmo geek
He brings a ray of sunshine to my working week!

Copyright wordz2Go 21 November 2013

Cup of Tea Time

I’ve been to the NEC today
My legs are feeling knackered
My throat is dry, my feet are sore
I’m pretty cream crackered.
I want to get home now,
Put my feet up, have some tea,
But I’m stuck on a bus in a sea
of traffic, crawling along the M69,
ebbing tantalisingly close to where I need to be,
Yet the traffic flow is so damn slow,
I could walk home faster; If only I could master
The secret of getting off a moving bus without creating any fuss and just disappear silently, like Dynamo.
‘Where did you go?’ they’d say to me
And I’d just smile sweetly
And tweet from home beside my fire, happy as Larry
Home and free, with my cup of tea.

Copyright wordz2Go 15 November 2013